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A New Hope?

U.S. Inauguration Day and Pisces Fixed Star Fum al Samakah I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the astrology of January 20th, and the general forecast is for volatility. In particular, I’m concerned about several planetary angles and their timing. Some of them culminate right on Inauguration Day. (For additional astrological details, see the …

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New Moon in Capricorn, Jan. 13

The New Moon sets the tone for the next four weeks and, as usual, its themes interweave with other planetary action. What are some of the general tones being set for this lunar month? (Take special note if you have major birth chart placements — especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven — in Capricorn, …

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Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius: The next 20 — and 200 — years

Bottom line: Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions take place every 20 years Their conjunctions mark shifts in tone and, often, the occurrence of large events Every 200 years, these conjunctions shift from one traditional element to another This conjunction marks a shift from Earth (practical, physical) to Air (theoretical, intellectual) signs Aquarius good: inventions, new ideas for the …

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