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U.S. Inauguration Day and Pisces Fixed Star Fum al Samakah

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the astrology of January 20th, and the general forecast is for volatility. In particular, I’m concerned about several planetary angles and their timing. Some of them culminate right on Inauguration Day. (For additional astrological details, see the notes section at the end of this post)

So overall, don’t be surprised if there continue to be threats of violence, and actual violence, leading up to the inauguration, especially from the 17th through the 22nd (keeping in mind that timing is approximate in astrology).

That said, I’m seeing a glimmer of hope — one I haven’t read about elsewhere in the astrology world. So I’m going to discuss it in more detail than usual. If you’d prefer to skip the background, scroll down to the bottom section in blue type.
Want a deeper dive? Here we go:

Most astrologers work with the planets in our solar system, plus our Moon (referred to as a planet), and with observed points like the Ascendant/Rising sign; and with certain derived mathematical points.

Traditionally (going back to the Renaissance and prior), the planets were referred to as stars — except that they’re moving “stars.” The glittering backdrop of real stars are known as “fixed [non-moving] stars,” which shift very slightly over the centuries, from our perspective on Earth. Ancient and Medieval astrologers assigned meanings to many of the fixed stars, but later Western astrologers largely stopped using them, until relatively recently.

I’ve been intrigued by what I’ve found when adding fixed stars to my analyses, so I check them when I look at major events and personal charts.  

Here’s what I’ve found concerning the upcoming week: on January 17th, from about 3:30 AM to about 9:30 AM (EST), the Moon will conjoin Neptune at about 19º Pisces. This puts the Moon — often observed to “trigger” events — with Neptune at “the south bending,” an important astrological choice point. Here, a choice is presented, and the person — or group — involved will have to decide how they’ll proceed, usually between opposing directions. Therefore, I believe this is when the die will be cast, as it were, for how Inauguration Day and the surrounding period will unfold.

The Moon reflects conditions in the physical world, and often represents the emotional response to those conditions, based on felt or actual needs. Neptune, when it’s connected to one of the traditional planets like the Moon, often brings fogginess, confusion, and fantasy. Neptune’s current position represents our country’s current lack of leadership, along with the conflicting visions and dreams of what the U.S. is, and could be. The Moon will enhance emotions around that conflict, and will increase the collective’s felt need to make a clear choice.

Astrological advice to individuals at such a choice point usually includes the need to rise above this either/or attitude, to get a larger perspective and try to achieve equanimity around seemingly opposing options. Currently, the collective U.S. mood appears to be so polarized that equanimity seems unlikely — unless a leader or leaders can effectively step in and provide a better path forward.

Which vision of the country’s future will prevail? I find hope in this:

Occupying this choice point in the sky where Neptune now sits, and where the Moon will shortly visit, is a star in the constellation Pisces called Fum al Samakah.

According to one source, Fum al Samakah “is about keeping us on course and in tip-top condition to see the present era through,” and has “the connotation of great power and wisdom bestowed ‘from above.’” People born with this star prominent in their chart are said to “have the ability to be attuned to an inner sense of direction in fast-changing times, and to impart it to others.”

As astrological symbols, these significations are neutral: they don’t tell us which side in the current conflict has this great power and wisdom to make good choices; or if we have a leader who can blaze a better trail. My hope is that the outcome of all the turmoil is greater collective wisdom, and a movement of our country toward peace and democracy.

May you be well, and may you achieve personal equanimity during these challenging times.

Astrology tech notes
In addition to the above, configurations occurring at this time include: a perfecting Mars conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on Jan. 20th at 3:36 PM, with the applying First Quarter Moon crossing into Taurus just prior to 2 PM that day. Early on the 21st, the Moon crosses over Uranus to be briefly enclosed by Uranus and Mars, then conjoins Mars at 4:08 AM. Meanwhile, this group is squared by the stellium in Aquarius consisting of the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter, while Neptune remains at the south bending of the Moon’s Nodes.

Fixed star info: “Fixed Star Fum al Samakah,” Astrology King. https://astrologyking.com/fum-al-samakah-star. Accessed 1/13/21.