About Bettie

Bettie has been consulting professionally with astrology clients for 25 years.

“You’re not your birthchart, or your Sun sign. You’re a unique, complex person who is constantly learning, exploring, and adapting to life’s flow. Knowing your chart and its changes helps you navigate that flow with wisdom.”

— Bettie

Bettie’s sessions combine ancient/traditional approaches with more modern, psycho-spiritual ones. Highly intuitive yet highly practical, Bettie is also a certified life coach who has helped hundreds of clients. A former licensed massage therapist, she instinctively tunes into subtle energies while staying rooted, weaving profound insights with real-world perspectives.

Bettie’s astrological viewpoint is informed by modern teachers such as Robert Hand, Liz Greene, Steven Forrest, Demetra George, and Geoffrey Cornelius — as well as by ancient teachers such as Vettius Valens, Abraham ibn Ezra, and Dorotheus of Sidon. Most recently, she earned a Certificate of Completion in Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology Course, and worked privately with Adam Elenbaas/Acyuta-Bhava Dasa. In addition to astrology, Bettie is a former computer graphics production artist and nonprofit org administrator. She is a lifelong explorer of philosophy and religion, and has wondered at the stars since childhood. Other passions include music, history, and laughter, which she continues to pursue.


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