The Full Cold Moon in Cancer, Dec. 29, 2020: Take Time to Self-Soothe

A Full Moon means that, for a few hours per month, the Moon is opposite the Sun (now in Capricorn). Tonight, the Moon is in its home base in Cancer, in its strongest position of the month. It symbolizes:

  • nurture
  • attachment
  • comfort
  • home
  • security

This Full Moon is shining during the darkest time of year, close to the Winter Solstice. So, for the next two weeks — until the next New Moon (Jan. 13) — take time to parent your inner child, accept love and care from others, make and take comfort where you can. It’s been a long year: take time to nestle in, whatever that means for you.

Note that Cancer rules the stomach, where you have gut feelings. Connect with those feelings, and go with whatever soothes. Hot chocolate? Thick blanket? Old movie? Playtime with the kiddies — or the kitties? If it makes you feel taken care of, even addressing financial matters can fit the bill here.

What house — that is, what area of life — does Cancer occupy in your birthchart? Where do you need to check in with yourself and your loved ones, and to bolster your wellbeing with care and love? Are any planets living there? What might they represent, in terms of what or who needs soothing this winter? That’s the call of this “cold” Moon.

Moon Photo: Stephanie Becker via