News of the Worlds… Mars and the Moon square Pluto this week

As Mars and Pluto move toward a square (90º) aspect — a relationship of struggle between some pretty fiery/deeply powerful forces — two headlines stand out: the emergence of a new and more contagious form of Covid-19 in England (Pluto sometimes associated with pandemics and inner, buried forces); and the eruption of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii, followed by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. In the spirit of microcosm/macrocosm, and the outer and inner reflecting one another, two lessons are present:
💥 Walk gently and, as much as possible, avoid conflicts this week (a good time to practice taking a pause and breathing through disagreements!), as the aspect perfects on Wed. morning;
💥 Protect yourself from environmental threats caused by weather, disease, and so forth. Safety first!

“Beware of Darkness”