New Moon in Capricorn, Jan. 13

The New Moon sets the tone for the next four weeks and, as usual, its themes interweave with other planetary action.

What are some of the general tones being set for this lunar month? (Take special note if you have major birth chart placements — especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven — in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra.)

  • Capricorn themes include attachment (or the lack thereof), boundaries, and tradition. Capricorn tends to be conservative in nature (not necessarily in politics), and likes to base its actions on the tried-and-true, on what is solidly known and proven. It thrives on ancestral wisdom.
  • The sea goat is in touch with its emotions but will keep them tucked away, in order to succeed. The goat is ambitious, and will climb to the heights, if it can.
  • That said, if winds of change are blowing (as they will, this month), Capricorn also looks for the best ways to work with the times. Some may think that Capricorn lacks consistent values, and it may appear so, because Capricorn is about survival. But Capricorn will find ways to stay true to itself while shifting amongst the craggy rocks to find the best footholds for scaling the hills.

This year, due to its close involvement with Pluto, the Capricorn New Moon is especially focused on:

  • Power, power, power. Personal, professional, political — you name it, this month is all about power: who’s got it, who wants it, and what they’ll do for it.
  • Memory and history. How do we base our actions on the past? Whose memory and analysis of the past is the most accurate — and how will it provide a firm foundation for building toward the future? What should we take and leave from the past?
  • Deep psychological motivations and desires. Can we face ourselves (and others) honestly? What lurks in our psyches, individually and collectively, that may come to light this month — and, hopefully, processed in a healthy way?

Look for these factors to increase in importance as the month continues, especially in the two weeks from now until the Full Moon (January 28).

Where does this New Moon fall in your birth chart? Check your Sun and/or Ascendant (Rising) placement. Capricornian themes and concerns will likely emerge in the New Moon’s house this month.