The Pisces New Moon, Feb. 23, 2020

A song for today’s New Moon in Pisces. The Moon in Pisces can get lost in visions, dreams, and fantasies. But this month, with Pisces’ traditional ruler Jupiter still in Capricorn, we’re a little more rooted in the physical, a bit more practical and structured. This could be a great time for discovering ways to manifest your dreams — BUT — I suggest holding off on taking any new actions until after the Virgo Full Moon on March 9 — which happens to be when Mercury will turn direct (whew!). To be extra careful, wait 1-2 weeks after Mercury goes direct, when we’re out of the retrograde shadow.

Where’s the New Moon in your chart? Look for the Pisces house (I use the ancient whole-sign house system, so it’s only one house for each sign). The house topic gives a clue as to where your dreams can use some action later this month. Here’s a rundown of rising signs to help you find it:

If your rising sign is —
• Pisces: Time to center yourself, do some self-reflection, analyze what your dreams may be trying to tell you. Later this month (after Mercury goes direct), pick one or two doable steps to getting there, and form some new habits around that. This includes getting physical! A little less self-sacrifice this month, and a little more time for you, is in order. (Tip: in 2020, Pisces folks will need to seek grounding and be more structured than you might prefer. You may find your ability to give to others somewhat curtailed, as well. Seeking the positive learning in this will serve you well, helping you balance your naturally giving nature. Use your spiritual resources to integrate this year’s lessons into your life.)
• Aries: Focus on manifesting prosperity; later, analyze your finances and make a budget — or, consider ways to raise your income. Yes, it’s tax time: get it done (after mid-month)!
• Taurus: Consider doing some writing, learning, teaching; plan a short trip or, after Mercury goes direct, make some car, bike, or electronics repairs. Alternatively, check in with family members, especially cousins or siblings. Just avoid arguments — Mercury retrograde is famous for miscommunications!
• Gemini: Focus on your home environment, parents, and ancestors. A good time for some spring cleaning, whether of a physical or an esoteric nature. If you have to move this month, triple-check all the arrangements! Wait until after the retrograde if you can, and try to be a little less detail-oriented this month. Go with the flow!
• Cancer: How can you be creative this month? Try to find ways to have some fun, lighten things up, and entertain your inner child — or some real kids! Plan to socialize this month as late winter melts into pre-spring.
• Leo: After the Full Moon, check into work systems, whether it’s your home routines or at-work procedures. Can something be improved there? Also, don’t ignore your health or the health of any furry friends this month. If you’re an employer, check in with your employees. Be sure to solidify those relationships.
• Virgo: It’s all about relationships this month! This means all significant others: partners, good friends, bosses, regular clients, people you work with closely. Connect on a spiritual level early in the month; then, spend some time after the retrograde shadow repairing any communication snafus or misunderstandings that may have occurred during the retrograde. Relationships involve give and take, and they’re never going to be perfect. So mend fences and let stuff go, as best you can.
• Libra: Watch your finances this month, especially finances that may have to do with clients, employers, employees, and family members. Put off major decisions in these areas until late in the month, if possible. Your tendency to want balance and fairness to prevail shouldn’t impede advocating for yourself.
Scorpio: A great month for esoteric exploring, possibly physical travel (double check all travel details!), connecting with teachers or people from other cultures than your own. If you’re doing research or studying, it may be hard to focus until after the retrograde’s over. Do your best, and try not to sweat it. If you have any law-related matters happening, make sure all the “i’s” are dotted, insist on extra clarity, and don’t sign any contracts until late in the month, if possible.
Sagittarius: Career matters may seem murky until about the third week in March. Try not to make any firm decisions until then, especially if you’re job hunting or hiring. Despite your tendency to be direct, that may not be how matters proceed until the third or fourth week of March. This may be frustrating, but resist the temptation to rush things. (Tip: in general, 2020 is a year when Sag folks will need to cultivate patience and discipline. Seek the wisdom in this, as you blend it with your natural enthusiasm and love for exploration.)
Capricorn: Reach out and expand your social circles this month! An excellent time to network, attend parties, and make new friends. Practice your chameleon-like ability to adapt to your environment, and broaden your reach, whether in physical or virtual spaces. While you may not feel comfortable dressing in gauzy Pisces pastels, you might consider softening your overall look a tad. More importantly, contemplate the Pisces lesson that life is for giving to others, and opening yourself to new emotional connections might be a good idea this month.
Aquarius: Add some mystery to your practical way of approaching the unknown. Take your personal, short-term goals seriously, whether or not they connect to the long arc of your life as you currently see it, or contribute to society in general. If secrets emerge this month – or if something completely mystifies you – try to go with the flow, at least for a bit. New insights may come from surprising places, when you least expect it. Practice beginner’s mind, and relax into not knowing.