Happy Winter Solstice!

Age of Aquarius or Christmas Star? No!

What is the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction?

Dawning of a new age? Rare miracle?


Theories about astrological ages and the Star of Bethlehem vary widely, and are mostly based on personal belief.

Then what is it??

  • Astronomers have tracked Jupiter and Saturn for millennia. The planets “come together” about every 20 years. These conjunctions often coincide with moments of large socio-cultural shifts and events.
  • Astrologers check the zodiac sign where the conjunction happens, and use it to help forecast what the next 20 years will bring, as a general trend.
  • To find out how the conjunction might affect you, an astrologer superimposes the conjunction on your birth chart.
  • This time, the conjunction is happening on the winter solstice, one of the four yearly “hinges” of the Sun’s journey that marks our seasons. More on this in my next post.
The excitement around this conjunction is its visibility. The cycle itself repeats every 20 years. It’s special only for the new, generation-length era it heralds, and for what that might bring, on the macro and micro levels.

Next week:

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